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  1. SCP-094 itself is enclosed in a gas-permeable steel-reinforced plexiglass cube, 3 meters on a side, with a single door (also of reinforced plexiglass) in one side. This door must remain locked at all times, except with O5 authorization under tightly controlled conditions
  2. iature event horizon: any matter that moves into SCP-094, including light, is irretrievably gone
  3. iature: toute matière qui entre dans SCP-094, lumière incluse, est irrémediablement volatilisée. Malgré tout, SCP-094 n'est pas un trou noir étant donné qu'il n'exerce aucune attraction gravitationnelle.
  4. ary analysis of body mass suggesting mild malnutrition. Arms are grossly out of proportion with the rest of the subject's body, with an approximate length of 1.5 meters each
  5. Item #: SCP-095 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-095 is to be placed in a standard polyethylene sleeve when not under scheduled research and stored in a standard locked filing cabinet to prevent damage or wear. High-resolution digital scans are available for any Level 1 and above personnel who wish to view SCP-095
  6. Special Containment Procedures. SCP-091 is to be stored in a standard containment locker at Site- . When SCP-091 is not being tested, it is to be placed under combination lock
  7. Why You NEVER Look at SCP-096... (SCP Animation) - Duration: 10:12. SCP Animated - Tales From The Foundation 2,235,105 view

Item #: SCP-1032 Object Class: Safe Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1032 is to be stored in a high-value inanimate-item cell at Sector-19. One unarmed guard is to be posted inside the cell at all times to prevent tampering.. SCP-1032 is to be monitored at all times by a high-speed camera fitted with a macro lens capable of no less than 20x magnification, or greater as necessary to. Procédures de Confinement Spéciales : SCP-099 est contenu dans un casier ignifugé de 1 m sur 75 cm à support mural, entreposé dans la Galerie 27. L'humidité et la température doivent être contrôlées et appliqués à un niveau normal dans cette section de la galerie SCP-096 is a Euclid-class anomalous humanoid in the containment of the SCP Foundation. It has the appearance of a greatly deformed humanoid body, with no pigmentation, hair, or significant body mass. Typically, it wanders around its containment chamber aimlessly, without any desire to escape. However, once its face is viewed, it enters an intense rage state, where it frantically covers its.

Thumbnail art by DeepFriedDaddy, DeviantArt page can be found here: https://deepfrieddaddy.deviantart.com... Just made a short video showing off the sounds SCP-096 makes in the latest version of SCP Containment Breach, since nobody seemed to have made one SCP 094 - Miniature Event Horizon. Scp Foundation Miniatures Miniature. More information... Saved by Alfred Alonzo. วัตถุ# SCP-094 ระดับ: Keter มาตรการกักกันพิเศษ: ด้วยเหตุที่ SCP-904 นั้นไม่สามารถเคลื่อนย้ายไปไหนได้ สถานที่วิจัยและกักกันจึงถูกสร้างขึ้นรอบๆ (ศูนย์กลาง. Item #: SCP-094 Object Class: Keter Laconic Containment Procedures: SCP-094 is kept inside a facility in Argentina due to its immobility. The object itself is kept in a 3m glass cube with a locked door on one side. Laconic Description: SCP-094 is a black sphere measuring 1.6m across. Any matter that moves into SCP-094 is lost without chance of retrieval Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art

Read SCP-076 from the story SCP # 1 by Mayu021X with 103 reads. organisation, rapport, fondation. Objet # : SCP-076 / Abl SCP-053, also known as the Young Girl, is a Euclid class object contained by the SCP Foundation. SCP-053 is contained in a five cubic meter cell. SCP-053 is supplied toys, books& games, which are used frequently. SCP-053 is provided with bedding medicinal facilities. SCP-053's food is served three times a day, with two snacks allowed SCP: Secret Laboratory. SCP: Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer horror game, based on the famous SCP - Containment Breach by Undertow Games originally created in 2012

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explore origin 0 Base skins used to create this skin; find derivations Skins created based on this one; Find skins like this: almost equal very similar quite similar - Skins that look like this but with minor edit SCP rBreach is a Roblox game created by Ancientroboman, which is inspired by SCP -Breach in the online genre SCP Foundation. In this wiki you can find almost all information about the game, and some extras stuff like guides and joke pages Objet # : SCP-094-JP Classe : Euclide Procédures de Confinement Spéciales : SCP-094-JP est gardé dans une zone de 8 x 10 mètres destinée au confinement des humanoïdes dans le Secteur 27. Conformément au protocole standard concernant les humanoïdes, SCP-094-JP a accès à tout ce qui se trouve dans sa zone de confinement Description [edit | edit source]. SCP-1499 is a Soviet GP-5 gas mask. The anomalous effects of SCP-1499 activate when a human places SCP-1499 on their head. Approximately one second after SCP-1499 is fully secured on the subject's head, the subject vanishes from view, and is no longer detectable

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Most Popular Scream Roblox ID. The track SCP-096 Scream (raging) has Roblox ID 343430735. It was uploaded on January 15, 2016. Its popularity is 176 Объект №: scp-094 Класс объекта: Кетер Особые условия содержания: Так как scp-094 является недвижимым, Зона для его изучения и содержания была построена прямо вокруг него (координаты: 4 . ° ю.ш., 6 . ° з.д.) и замаскирована под. SCP-094 was discovered in 192 in the Chubut Province of southern Argentina, and at the time was estimated to be 20 to 25 cm in diameter. Analysis of historical records indicates that the diameter of SCP-094 doubles in size approximately every 31 years. Primary research activities on SCP-094 are concentrated on finding how to stop or reverse its growth without inducing cataclysmic failure . SCP. Jan 30, 2018 - SCP-094 Miniature Event Horizon | Object Class: Keter | Spacetime / Acou.. SCP-063 appears to be an average, pale blue toothbrush. Stenciled along the side of the object are the words The World's Best TothBrush [sic]. The word toothbrush is spelled incorrectly, though whether this was accidental or a purposeful action by the creators of the object is unknown. SCP-063 displays the ability to effortlessly cleave through any and all dead or inorganic matter, the.

La liste ci-dessous contient seulement les rapports créés par notre communauté. Tous les SCP officiels se retrouvent ici Το scp-094 έχει χαρακτηριστεί ως ένα μικρό ορίζοντα γεγονώτων. Οποιαδήποτε ύλη που εισχωρίσει μέσα στο scp-094, ακόμη και το φως, χάνεται για πάντα. Όμως, το scp-094 δεν είναι μάυρη τρύπα, διότι δεν έχει βαρύτητα Know your SCP numbers. Want to find out if you could murder someone, take this quiz.. in no way is this encouraging harmful acts towards others but simply a fun thing to d If You Want To Now More About Area 96 Go To Area 96 Documents In This Story. There Is A Spotify Playlist Called: (SCP Area 96 Soundtrack). About This Movie: The Class-D Are Stuck Down There And Have To Be Tested But Some Don't Only A Few This is a rough adaptation of SCP 096 into a player model. I had to hack some things around so his arms are slightly shorter and obviously his fingers don't work

Item #: SCP-3725 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3725 is to be contained in a Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber. SCP-3725 is to be given access to a composition notebook, writing utensils, a laptop with limited internet access, and books on the development of story and narrative ideas Read the experiment logs. SCP-093 can use mirrors as portals into an alternate dimension, and that is where those beings come from. IMO 093 is one of the best SCPs out there because of the experiment logs

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And its Related Thanks SCP-094. Renowned physicist Brian Greene explains how time can be manipulated with wormholes. businessinsider.com. There are 2 types of time travel and physicists agree that one of them is possible. Renowned physicist Brian Greene explains how time can be manipulated with wormholes. Renowned physicist Brian Greene explains how time can be manipulated with wormholes. FSME-10-094 -2-If you have any questions regarding this communication, please contact me at 301-415-3340, or the individual named below. POINT OF CONTACT: Ashley Cockerha Everett Charles technologies wide range of high Performance fine pitch probes dedicated to semiconductor test including RF, high current, fine pitch, lead-free Stock . Browse and buy exceptional, royalty-free stock clips, handpicked by the best SCP stands for either Special Containment Procedures or Secure, Contain, Protect, which is the SCP Foundations Motto. The SCP Foundation is a large organization specializing in containment of anomalous creatures or objects to protect mankind and to study them to create scientific breakthroughs. They have many different Facilities and containment areas across the world, most of them.

SCP-094「Miniature Event Horizon(事象の地平線模型)」 オブジェクトクラス:Keter https://t.co/3cK7wkwsF nn5n: Objects List 001-099 for French . SCP-001 - En attente de classification [Bloqué] [0]. SCP-002 - La salle vivante [449 SCP-094 - Đường Chân Trời Thu Nhỏ SCP-095 - Cuộc Du Hành Nguyên Tử Của Súng Laser Ronnie SCP-096 - Chàng Trai Hay Ngượng SCP-097 - Bãi Đất Trống Cũ SCP-098 - Cua Phẫu Thuật SCP-099 - Bức Chân Dung —————————— [CÒN TIẾP] SCP. Bình luận Hủy. Email của bạn sẽ không được hiển thị công khai. Khách. Objekt #: SCP-093 Třída Objektu: Euclid Speciální Zadržovací Procedury: Objekt SCP-093 musí být držen na postříbřeném zrcadle na podstavci o velikosti 0.3 x 0.23 m alespoň 1.22 m od podlahy v Zadržovacím Bloku . Objekt nesmí být zadržován v oblastech větších než 3.66 x 3.05 m, ani pokládán na podstavce z mahagonového, borového, ani třešňového dřeva, nebo. Posts in the discussion thread SCP-094-JP Comments for page SCP-094-JP.

Branches of the SCP-Foundation, we write to you today because we can no longer remain silent, considering recent developments. You may have heard of Andrej Duksin, the creator of ARTSCP and the SCP-Artbooks, who earlier this year has registered SCP as a trademark in Russia, and used it to exploit others for money These arent just clothes though, they are actually parts of its physical body, they grow out from it Despite its creepy appearance, its actually quite cooperative with the foundation and can speak English or medieval French However, even the most hospitable skips have their limits and 049 is no different It hates pestilence, thats all it seems to talk about sometimes The definition of. MÃ VẬT THỂ: SCP -100 LOẠI: Nguy hiểm (Euclid) QUI TRÌNH QUẢN THÚC ĐẶC BIỆT: SCP-100 cần được canh giữ bởi sáu (6) lính gác tuần tra bên trong hàng rào chu vi, và hai (2) người điều khiển phần trong và ngoài của cả hai nhà kho và tòa nhà dân cư, và phải được thay ca mỗi ba (3) tiếng SCP-953, also known as the Polymorphic Humanoid, is a Keter-class creature currently in containment by the SCP Foundation. She resembles a red fox who is also revealed to be a Korean Kumiho that is able to change forms and has a habit of devouring human livers and also has a penchant with torturing and brutally murdering innocent people for her own amusement. SCP-953 is a female red fox with. Pixilart, free online drawing editor and social platform for all ages. Create game sprites, make pixel art, animated GIFs, share artwork and socialize online

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SCP-094: Miniatur Ereignishorizont - German Creepypasta (Grusel, Horror, Hörbuch) DEUTSCH mp3 Durée 5:09 Taille 11.79 MB / Kati Winter Creepypastas & Hörbücher 9. Red vs SCP 682 mp3 Durée 2:37 Taille 5.99 MB / Larrywinwood 10. HALLOWEEN MEGA WAR! SCP, Bendy, Baldi, & FNAF vs CreepyPasta Total War! CARTOON FIGHT CLUB EP 285 mp3 Durée 34:24 Taille 78.74 MB / AnimationRewind 11. Minecraft. Studying SCP-094 [Youtube Video] SCP Exploration March 27 . 118. 0. In our new series, SCP Study, we examine in-depth some of the anomalies contained by the SCP Foundation. In the first episode we take a closer look at SCP-094 to try to find out ways to contain and potentially use the unstoppable anomaly. Share to. Copied; Likes (118) Comments (0) Copied; Likes (118) Like 118. Comment . Into. The u/SCP-094 community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place Retrouvez les meilleurs creepypasta en video, vous savez ces petites histoires d'horreur qui vous mettent mal à l'aise. Elle vous attendent

SCP-094-JP. Inaugurated: July 10, 2018. Marine Man Currently, most kinds of the fish recovered on the Earth, measuring microscopically 0.2 - 10μm, have been confirmed in the blood of SCP-094-JP. SCP-100-JP. Inaugurated: July 10, 2018. Attic Room Space Foundation astronomers have discovered that the circumstances of these heavenly bodies correspond with those in our universe at the. SCP-553 is a safe class SCP in SCP: Containment Breach Unity Edition. It was added in version 0.5.6. SCP-553 is a colony of approximately 140,000 winged organisms superficially resembling butterflies. They possess a silicon-based biochemistry and are composed primarily of calcium and silicate compounds. The body of a member of the species is mostly calcite, with some of the internal organs.

play time a.k.a scp 094 nextbot. by hipnotyk. GTA V SAHP/Female Sheriff NPC/Playermodel. by Sentryandreas. DaithiDeNogla Core. by NJ Assassin 331. Isabelle Nextbot. by Freddy. COD MW2 Brazilian Militia NPCs. by Human Grunt. Half-Life Otis port-overs (only models not npc ) by Akis_02. GTA 5 NOOSE NPCs and Playermodels. by Human Grunt. GTA V Gangs Materials. by Sentryandreas. Combine Guard. Scp 003 Fr Le Dentier Cannibale mp3 gratuit telechargez sur Mp3 Monde. Télécharger le gratuitement et maintenant la dernière Scp 003 Fr Le Dentier Cannibale télécharger musique ici, où vous pouvez trouver la dernière Scp 003 Fr Le Dentier Cannibale résultats sur le web

Item #: SCP-045 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-045 is to be kept affixed to an examination platform in a hemispherical chamber measuring 5 meters in radius at Oceanographic Research Station 12, located at - . , - . on the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean. The chamber is to be kept filled with gaseous neon at equilibrium pressure with the surrounding environment The SCP-094 model asset and its basic functionality may be based on the work SCP-094 (licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0) by far2: scp-094. The SCP-096 model asset and its basic functionality may be based on the work SCP-096 (licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0) by Dr Dan: scp-096. The SCP-106 model asset and its basic functionality may be based on the work SCP-106 (licen View Something on discordemoji.com - The best way to find custom emoji for discord, slack and everything else SCP-094 - Miniature Event Horizon (Chân trời Sự kiện Thu nhỏ) Xếp loại: Keter Thủ tục kiểm soát đặc biệt: Do SCP-094 rõ ràng là bất động sản, một cơ sở nghiên cứu và kiểm soát đã được xây dựng xung..

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การวิเคราะห์ทางจิตโดยดร.กลาส. scp-191 ตอบสนองต่อการกักกันดีมาก มันเชื่อฟังและให้ความร่วมมืออย่างดี ขณะที่ไม่มีใครไปยุ่งด้วยนั้น มันจะนั่งนิ่ง. SCP-094 fue descubierto en 192 en la Provincia del Chubut, al sur de Argentina, y para ese entonces se estimó tener entre 20 y 25 cm de diámetro. Análisis de registros históricos indicaron que el diámetro de SCP-094 duplica su tamaño aproximadamente cada 31 años. Las actividades primarias en SCP-094 están concentradas en encontrar cómo detener o revertir su crecimiento sin inducir un.

SCP-094 è stato classificato come un orizzonte degli eventi in miniatura: qualunque cosa entri in SCP-094, inclusa la luce, sparisce irrimediabilmente. Tuttavia, SCP-094 non è un buco nero dal momento che non esercita alcuna forza gravitazionale. È noto che SCP-094 emette occasionalmente un certo numero di rumori differenti, tra cui suoni ambientali della natura, un ronzio statico, e. scp-094-jpは彼の所属する企業での健康診断からその異常が確認されました。健康診断を行う保険会社内の財団エージェントにより財団に報告がなされ、scp-094-jpの確保が行われました。それ以前の診断や小児期の記録では異常は認められておらずscp-094-jpの異常が近年起こった事なのか先天的なもの.

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scp-094 scp-095 scp-096 scp-097 scp-099 scp-100 scp-102 scp-103 scp-105 scp-106 scp-111 scp-118 scp-121 scp-124 scp-125 scp-126 scp-127 scp-128 scp-129 scp-130 scp-131 scp-132 scp-133 scp-134 scp-135 scp-136 scp-137 scp-138 scp-139 scp-140 scp-141 scp-142 scp-144 scp-145 scp-146 scp-147 scp-148 scp-149 scp-150 scp-151 scp-152 scp-153 scp-155 scp-156 scp-157 scp-158 scp-160 scp-161 scp-162 scp. This is the first room that the player will come across before the breach. It consists of the containment chamber for SCP-173, an inaccessible door to the right, a balcony to the left where the ladder and spectator present on the platform, and a room where the intercom voice resides. After the breach events starts and you walk down the stairs on the right from where the scientists are working. How You Got Here: (Your POV) I was at home 'reading'. I was reading a brail book. I had my cane beside me on the bed. Then I heard a car stop in front of my house. No, not a car, a van. I put down my book and grabbed my cane. I got up out of bed, while I heard the van doors opening. I walk around to my bedroom door. I heard shouting outside. I opened the door and exited my bedroom. Dozens. Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/GjWNzEq. Welcome to episode 2 of SCP Study, a series where we take a deeper look into some of the most fascinating anomalies

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SCP 094 Label: Stygian Crypt Productions Format: CD Reviews: None yet Songs; Lineup; Reviews; 1. Battle of the Milvian Bridge 04:24 (loading lyrics...) 2. The Maiden of Lorraine 04:14 (loading lyrics...) 3. Massada Burns 04:05 (loading lyrics...) 4. Battle of Salamis 04:46 (loading lyrics...) 5. Falcons over Svevia 05:09 (loading lyrics...) 6. Hussar Angels 04:05 (loading lyrics...) 7. Pytheas. SCP-082, referred to as Mr. Ferdinand by Connor, is the the main antagonist in episode 1 of Confinement. He is directly based on the SCP with the same code, but a slighty different name, namely Fernand. Although genetically human, SCP-082 appears to be a large behemoth of a man with elephant legs instead of hands. He is shown with arrows protruding out of his back from some unknown incident. Actually, its from S.C.P. Containment Breach. One thing you should add is a victory screen where its picture staring at you when it wins. Like this video (Jump to 0:22 scp-094-ua - [ОЧІКУЄ РОЗСЕКРЕЧЕННЯ] scp-095-ua - [ОЧІКУЄ РОЗСЕКРЕЧЕННЯ] scp-098-ua - Кря (на редагуванні) Гумористичні об'єкти scp-025-ua-j - Бабцин заповіт Розповіді. Протокол Усунення scp-077-ua Доктор Крячкін шукає.

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SCP, SCP_Foundation, SCP-095 / scp-094/scp-095 - pixiv pixi SCP-094 - Miniature Event Horizon; SCP-095 - The Atomic Adventures of Ronnie Ray-Gun; SCP-096 - The Shy Guy SCP-097 - Old Fairgrounds; SCP-098 - Surgeon Crabs; SCP-099 - The Portrait; SCP-100 - Jamaican Joe's Junkyard Jubilee Image size. 4269x675px 439 KB. Show More. See More by TheLordOfGames. Featured in collections . SCP Foundation by KrumpGrump. SCP Foundation by MingotStudios. Devious. nn5n: Objects List 001-099 DE for German . SCP-001 DE - SCP-001-DE [0]. SCP-002 DE - Ignis Purgatorius [1 Very descriptive of the anomalies surrounding the univers Scratch - Imagine, Program, Shar

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